Tree Health and Safety Assessments

Tree Safety Reporting – In today’s world tree owners need to be aware of their legal obligations. It is strongly recommended that trees in locations where they could pose a conceivable risk have their trees surveyed by a competent tree safety expert on a regular basis.

Over recent years there have been many cases of trees causing harm that have been borne out in the Courts and, in light of the outcomes, the duty of tree owners has become increasingly clear.

This need not be onerously expensive, just so long as the process is rigorous, accountable and at an acceptable frequency. Once a system is established, the ongoing re-inspection costs are very low.

We are probably the only Tree Surgeons in North Devon offering qualified Professional Tree Surveying and what is more we can provide internal decay detection services using our IML Resistograph micro-drill which can be used to assess tree safety margins. This helps to avoids unnecessary tree removals and gives confidence when determining the safe retention or need for surgery to trees.

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