Back on the chunky stuff

The oldest but still the best! Team MarkNickSam. Sectional dismantle of a Monterey Cypress clump over a polycarbonate roofed shed in Georgeham. Sorry folks, but until they make electric 6" woodchippers we are still about the noisiest contractors to have working next door.... Continue reading


Nice straightforward finish to the week on the hedgetrimmers. Great views of the Taw from Ashford. Dog's Mercury appearing in the old hedgerows...Spring ain't far away folks 🕶 Continue reading

In the drink!

Bicclescombe Park Ilfracombe. Not a lot of options on this one. Stem cracked in the winds and two halves of a 90 ft poplar tree flapping around! We had to fell it before it destroyed the sensory garden, the big beach next to it and the pedestrian bridge across the river. We will be removing… Continue reading

Another fine mess…

We've just aquired a new social housing contract. What a state the previous contractor left the trees in....a few are beyond saving....sprouting stumps....basal shoots out of control....inappropriate pollards...should i go on? Best not 😏 Continue reading