Jenga meets Kerplunk in an Exmoor Forest.

Tricky 3 days sorting out windblown conifers with Steady Joe Haines and his great forestry equipment. After the removal of acres of diseased Larch the remaining Hemlock and Lawsons Cypress were left newly exposed to wind forces, hence the mess. Flopped, snapped, sprung, hung up, rootheaved, you name it! And a great day spraying invasive… Continue reading

Ash dieback

Heres a classic example of this devastating and now completely widespread disease. If the tree is in a hazardous location then this is the point in time to remove it. If it declines any more and cannot be felled, then it will be unsafe to climb and will need to be dismantled from a cherrypicker… Continue reading

At the 2019 Arb Conference in Exeter

Great talks on managing ancient trees and the organisms they support, ways to create lost habitats for rare creatures in living trees, the latest on threats to our native trees...all in one of the best arboretums in Devon at Exeter Uni. Oh well back to topping overgrown Leylandii hedges tomorrow..... Continue reading