Finding the right Tree Surgeon

Looking for a Tree Surgeon? Well have a look round - there's a lot to choose from in North Devon, all "qualified" people offering their services. So if they are qualified, then they must know what they are doing? Unfortunately not!! They have demonstrated they can climb a tree with the necessary equipment and knock… Continue reading

Rubbish skills and bad advice!!!

Plenty of tree surgeons around......but how good are they? Answer - mostly rubbish. Tidiness is easy with a rake and a leaf blower and anyone with a few chainsaw tickets can call themself a professional tree surgeon. Any monkey can remove a tree with the help of a freelance climber. But when it comes to… Continue reading

Chalara – Ash dieback

Well, its here in the UK. However it arrived, the Government response was discracefully slow to ban imports. It seems it will probably wipe out most of the UK tree population. As an ecologist, what i would say is that we need to preserve the mature trees where we can if we are going to help… Continue reading

Fung time!

Now is a good time to look for decay fungi on or around your trees. Fruiting bodies such as mushrooms or brackets are in evidence in the autumn to disperse spores off to find their next victim! Commonly, decay of the root system and or stem can lead to windthown or snapping out of tree… Continue reading