Rubbish skills and bad advice!!!

Plenty of tree surgeons around……but how good are they? Answer – mostly rubbish. Tidiness is easy with a rake and a leaf blower and anyone with a few chainsaw tickets can call themself a professional tree surgeon. Any monkey can remove a tree with the help of a freelance climber.

But when it comes to pruning or reduction very little of the work around North Devon is of BS3998:2010 standard – containing a basic and minimum standard that is there to show how trees should be pruned and not butchered. We dont expect customers to know how pruning affects their trees, but I would expect a tree surgeon to understand how, why and when to prune to avoid future problems. Of the many many firms in the area I have only seen proficient tree pruning by two apart from ourselves. It is patently obvious that most give bad advice, make up work for themselves, or simply dont have the skills. Keep North Devon’s trees at their best – call us, or one of the other two!!!!

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