Ash dieback

Upsetting but expected....this devastating disease is really hitting the larger trees now, with dead tips all over some crowns. This is a crisis on a par with Dutch Elm disease. Now there are some major points to make. It is expected that a very low percentage of the trees may have some resistance to the… Continue reading

Back on the chunky stuff

The oldest but still the best! Team MarkNickSam. Sectional dismantle of a Monterey Cypress clump over a polycarbonate roofed shed in Georgeham. Sorry folks, but until they make electric 6" woodchippers we are still about the noisiest contractors to have working next door.... Continue reading


Nice straightforward finish to the week on the hedgetrimmers. Great views of the Taw from Ashford. Dog's Mercury appearing in the old hedgerows...Spring ain't far away folks 🕶 Continue reading