Ash dieback

Upsetting but expected….this devastating disease is really hitting the larger trees now, with dead tips all over some crowns. This is a crisis on a par with Dutch Elm disease. Now there are some major points to make.

It is expected that a very low percentage of the trees may have some resistance to the disease so unless a tree is in a position where it can cause harm it is best to leave it alone to fight the disease. The tree might look bad but if it isnt dead its still got fight, and the ability to seed.

The second important consideration is that the timber of infected trees becomes more brittle and prone to fracture. This could be dangerous to tree workers as well as people or their property.

It is important that you seek qualified experienced advice early on if your trees could be a danger. DCC are recommending felling trees with over 50% crown infection if necessary for safety.

Sad times.

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